About us

MEDUCOMP GmbH – Your specialist for safe disinfection controls The MEDUCOMP GmbH is an experienced company in the field of hygiene and evolved over the years to a professional in the field of disinfection tests. The company was founded in 1989 by the still active CEO and owner, Jürgen Cyganek. This means that we are dealing with the issue of hygiene and disinfection controls for more than 24 years around the globe. Initially, we took care mainly about software solutions and developments for hospitals and medical practices. Here, the main focus was on accounting and organizational programs for hospital chains. By understanding and know-how that we have gives us that, we came across the topic disinfection test, which required a lot of research at the time. With the Medical University of Lübeck in 1991, we have found a strong partner with whom we could join forces in tackling the project “Development of innovative test methods”. The aim was to replace the highly uncertain open germ carriers Safer closed bioindicators. The years of research, we have successfully completed in 1994 and the final product was a closed bioindicator: the DES-CONTROLler. The DES-CONTROLler created a revolution of sorts in the industry because it not only simplifies the procedure but perfected. The germ carrier of the biological indicator are enclosed by a membrane. Thus, a contamination of the machine under test excluded, but without compromising heat effect and disinfectants. Meanwhile, the DES-CONTROLler is distributed throughout Europe and brought into use in test procedures of all kinds. He is a registered trademark in Germany and is still produced by the MEDUCOMP GmbH. The MEDUCOMP GmbH is now certified according to various ISO standards such as ISO 9001:2008. Our team is made up of hygiene managers, laboratory specialists and customer service representatives, and together we develop products daily to your individual preferences and needs. For more than 24 years applies to us: why complicated and expensive when it’s easy and inexpensive!