Disinfection mats

Disinfection mats
Depending on the size different requirements are made to the access area of a laboratory and/or company in the hygiene sector.
Large production sites in the food and processing industry as well as biotechnical and pharmaceutical industry can generally be accessed through hygiene locks with mechanical sole disinfection.
But what happens in smaller production sites or in frequently ignored critical places like side entrances, sanitary and canteen areas? Here MEDUCOMP disinfection mats provide for an effective prevention against the transmission of germs and offer a mobile, cost-effective and flexible alternative or addition – without the need of any possible construction work!
MEDUCOMP disinfection mats comprise of slip-proof polypropylene with great durability and offer users a professional solution for the hygienic access to sensitive businesses.
MEDUCOMP disinfection mats in seconds absorb the disinfection fluid and when required – when actually stepping on the mat – emit it.
MEDUCOMP disinfection mats are light, mobile and are very high-performance. They can be delivered in six standard sizes and thanks to their minimal height of only 1.5 can be subtly integrated in any area where disinfection is required. On request we can gladly provide individual special sizes with a width of up to 2 metres and a maximum length up to 5 metres.

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